K-505 : The Terrain Mod

Every where your pixelated feet can go ( and beyond ), terrains has been changed. Until Cottage Living.

Every since 2014, we winced at the default terrains in Sims 4. It lacks textures, depth, feels, contrast, colours … life ! We fixed it. Below are the complete K-505 Terrain Mod files ... basegame + expansions + game packs. Please read the instructions, they are not complicated and for any questions and technicalities, you can refer to the special K-505 FAQ or drop us a line by email or private message on Simblr, MTS 👐 )

1- description of all files : what they are meant for
2- the install instructions
3- you have the download links

✅ ATTENTION : As we currently updating the whole k-505 to follow EA and Maxis changes inside their game, Basegame and Seasons are now merged all together

Basegame Grass Terrain Replacement

They override some of the game’s files. They replace every terrain files based game. Is it green? Is it grass? BAM! It’s k-hippied. No question asked 😶 Grass, the real one. One you wish Pets was released so your little pets could happily roll in it ... So you can feel the grass under your pixelated feet, don’t you? You can smell the fresh perfume of summer or spring … Grass to take over everywhere!

Basegame Sand and Ground Terrain Replacement

All that is a bit sandy, a lot of sand or totally beach. We never thought there will be so many sands in that game when green is all over the place. With this replacement with thoughts for the players who like to play in Oasis Spring, or on the small island of Windenburg. You all deserve a real impression of sands, not just a vague beige colour.

Basegame Rock Terrains Replacement

These files will change the look of all rocks that are terrains but not the one in Build mode. We will do them too on a later date ( but soon ) They will give a better look at all that is rock or cliff. The textures might be a bit stretch, we respected EA files of 1024×1024 but we are not quite pleased with the result. As always, it’s a work in progress …

Basegame Urban Terrain Replacement

If vomito-green was too much for us, can you imagine how it felt to have those streets with some grass without our grass? Errr … it was terrifying but we found all of them. Good thing there were precursors! *Evil laugh* … 😈

Seasons Replacement

NOW INCLUDED IN BASEGAME FILES ... Flowers for Spring, dying grass and leaves for Autumn, snow for Winter :) What else ?

Granite Falls - Nature Terrain Replacement ( Outdoor Retreat )

This one is obvious. All your camping grounds are now really good looking, no more hangover of the ground. Sing Kumbaya with marshmallows under the stars around a campfire, get a feel of Mother Nature’s refined textured grounds As for Seasons, they are files for the changing of seasons and for Spring and Autumn, Summer is the default season. 🏕

Get To Work - Nature / Urban Terrain Replacement ( Get To Work )

Even if Magnolia Promenade is heavily done with Basegame Terrains Replacement, some are needed. All Urban, Nature and Seasons files are merged into 1 package, it won’t affect your game if you don’t have Seasons but Get to Work. 🙂

Windenburg - Nature / Urban Terrain Replacement ( Get Together )

Our sims went to Windenburg and brought with them the secrets of nice textures. They applied their knowledge and are now living on the island to chase the aquatic monster. This is specifically to cover all of Windenburg’s need, there is a lot of files just for this place, it needed its own package. As for Seasons, they are files for the changing of seasons and for Spring and Autumn, Summer is the default season. ☔

Forgotten Hollow - Nature / Urban Terrain Replacement ( Vampires )

We have a fond spot for this city. Foggy and tiny. It was in dire need of new textures not only for grass but for streets and that strange mix of rock and grass. You’ll see a nicer blend. And something more old-looking ;D Since Forgotten Hollow is so small, all Urban, Nature and Seasons files are merged into 1 package, it won’t affect your game if you don’t have Seasons but have Vampires. 🧛🏻‍♂️

Brindleton Bay - Nature / Urban Terrain Replacement ( Cats & Dogs )

Your pixelated feet have grass. Now pixelated paws can benefit from it too. Brindleton Bay Nature Terrains Replacement will take care of grass, rock, sand and earth paths. Urban Terrains Replacement will take care of the streets and sidewalks. As for Seasons, they are files for the changing of seasons and for Spring and Autumn, Summer is the default season. 😸

Selvadorada - Nature Terrain Replacement ( Jungle Adventure )

Don’t fear to trip on those roots anymore! Don’t mistake them for green pipelines anymore! Roots, where they belong, rooted in the grounds. Stepping stones, now worn out by time and heavy mountains worn out by waterfalls. Don’t be blinded by the sun on the grass like it was sun on the snow anymore, see the grass in the lush jungle. Since Nature is so vivid in Selvadorada, at least you can see it from now on 🤠

Del Sol Valley - Nature / Urban Terrain Replacement ( Get Famous )

You might get famous and earned that pixelated grass but in the meantime, your not-famous Sim deserves some me-time on a good and comfy grass too 💋

StrangerVille - Nature Terrain Replacement ( StrangerVille )

WIP in progress because, loyal to the city name, some grass is strange and won’t be pixelated as request … But StrangeVille is done at 95%, rocks, grass and desert are correctly displayed and not strange. Suppose it would be really strange to live in a plastic world. 👽

Sulani - Nature / Urban Terrain Replacement ( Island Living )

Sun and surf sand everywhere and also … a lot of volcanic rocks. The road is not volcanic anymore but more akin to a dirt road expected of a tropical island. The volcanic rocks have hard rock feels AND cutting edges, as any respectable volcanic rocks have. Of course, the beach is now populated with real sand. Obviously. The world is now less dark and more chill. 🏝

Glimmerbrook - Nature / Urban Terrain Replacement ( Realm of Magic )

Forgotten village in the middle of pine forest is no reason to have yellow grass, bad roads and cutting rocks in the cute river. Also, it’s not because the secret magic village is in complete ruins that it never had glory. Better grass, better rocks, better dust, better pavement. Better everything. Bettering everything just by magic 🔮

Britechester - Nature / Urban Terrain Replacement ( Discover University )

As a pedestrian town, lying in the grass to study or contemplate the void of your future is an important activity, deserving the best comfortable grass available. Our gardeners have secrets of the trade that won’t be shared here – sorry! 🚲

Evergreen Harbor - Nature / Urban Terrain Replacement ( EcoLifestyle )

A strange town with full potential for an ecotopia or a dystopia. In either way, metal is not plastic anymore, stone is not safety first and the stone quarry is back to its real nature. 🍃

Batuu - Nature / Urban Terrain Replacement ( StarWars Journey to Batuu )

How can a Resistance camp, a First Order station and the Cantina be so pristine? Well they can’t. That’s the whole point of these files. To scratch a bit over here, give some life over there and sprinkle oomph all over the place. Damn, since when is the StarWars universe in plastic? 🤖

Komorebi - Nature / Urban Terrain Replacement ( Snowy Escape )

OK, this is a zen place. Well, it depends on at which height sure, but still. For more zen, for peace of mind, calm and mindfulness. Since a mountain tends to … tumble down boulders and rocks, we changed them all. Beware of sharp edges now ❄️

Henford-on-Bagley - Nature / Urban Terrain Replacement ( Cottage Living )

Now old chap’, England is 10 century old, there is no way this little village can have that look. Yeah, even the labyrinth back in the country or the bridge rebuild post-SimWar. We like old stones son, deal with it. 🏡

Tartosa - Nature / Urban Terrain Replacement ( My Wedding Stories )

More changes were done in Tartosa than in any other as it was way off the mark to be an Italian getaway, which explains the artistic liberties taken. We think the end result is way better. It is clean, yet authentic and old looking. Tartosa now exults in lazy walks and languorous evenings. 💒

Moonwood Mill - Nature / Urban Terrain Replacement ( Werewolves )

Why do the wolves always get the grunge decor ? Can't they be civilized ? Well, it is all grass and earth ( and a bit of dirt ) … and a lot of wood and rocks. Not gonna lie, it was the easiest to do. Even took the liberty to change the cave entrance. Let’s roam the forests of Moonwood under the moonlight ( while singing That's Amore ). 🐺🌕

Copperdale - Nature / Urban Terrain Replacement ( High School Years )

There's a Twin Peak feel to this small town. Just pay attention to not see a lady with a pet-log and you'll be fine. Nothing really big needed to be change so we did the usual. Have fun discovering small or big details that we slightly change, just to make the place more ... normal to be around. 🎓

San Sequoia - Nature / Urban Terrain Replacement ( Growing Together )

Like every urban city, there were a bunch of smaller files that were change to make the difference. Otherwise, it is just like any other city. We did the usual : streets, roads, sidewalks, etc. etc. etc. but also some small things such as billboards with publicity for Eureka Valley or Champignac or bigger things like a red bridge … 🌉🌁

Chestnut Ridge - Nature / Urban Terrain Replacement ( Horse Ranch )

It was better texture-wise than any other neighborhood, still it couldn't be left untouched. Straw on the ground, rocks, riverbed, grass, large rocky structure ( ? ) Let the hooves have nice pixelated floors too. No discrimination here : feet, paws, hooves. All at the same level. Now you just have to worry about something else than letting your animals graze plastic. Take a nap in the meadow cowboy, you deserve it. 🐴💤

Tomarang - Nature / Road / Urban Terrain Replacement ( For Rent )

Ok, more than half of your hard earn money is now going into the pocket of some shaddy landlord ( and if you're unlucky, said shaddy landlord lives nearby ) so your true escape is downtown. Welcome to For Peace of Mind, our addition to For Rent with a complete Tomarang texturized. From hidden temples to epicenter of that lil' market, nothing is missing. Even the big lotus flowers. Hey, this is modern times, plastic statues are frown upon. Even pixaleted. 🛕🔑

Install Instructions

  1. Download the .7z and extract
  2. Put all files in your Mod folder
  3. Optional : put all files in 1 folder inside your Mod folder for easy reference
  4. Play. Have fun. Tag us

These files override the Maxis game files and work fine in-game …

Made with S4Studio and SimPE
Date of First Update : July 31st, 2021
Date of Last Update : January 5, 2024
BaseGame compatible

Changelog :
July 31, 2021 : Added Cottage Living
October 31, 2023 : Updated Basegame-Seasons, Island Living, Strangerville, Forgotten Hollow
November 11, 2023 : Updated Basegame-Seasons. Added My Wedding Stories and Werewolves.
November 23, 2023 : Added High School Years and Growing Together.
December 4, 2023 : Added Horse Ranch
December 15, 2023 : Updated Basegame-Seasons. Added Groundy.
January 5, 2024 : Added For Rent.
January 24, 2024 : Updated Windenburg

✅ ATTENTION : As we currently updating the whole k-505 to follow EA and Maxis changes inside their game, Basegame and Seasons are now merged

✅ CURRENTLY AVAILABLE : Basegame, Cottage Living, Get Together, Island Living, Snowy Escape, Strangerville, Forgotten Hollow, Vampires, Wedding Stories, Werewolves, High School Years, Growing Together, Horse Ranch, For Rent ... Stay Tuned !

✅ BACK SOON : Jungle Adventure, Batuu Journey, Get to Work, Get Famous, Discover University, Eco Lifestyle, Realm of Magic, Outdoor Retreat, Cats and Dogs

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