Let’s get real

Ok, our lots are not free of custom content. There are not bloated of it either but they have some textures and some objects, nothing big or essential. It is a choice we made, some work deserve to be seen in use. Some texture were chosen specifically for this project and thus, we are not afraid to release our creations with added materials.

We try to keep everything simple but we did not try to limit ourselves on the objects from different expansions – making lots with only base-game objects is a real challenge and not one we wanted to take. Still, we believe we did something nice enough for anyone to give us a chance. You don’t have to have the same expansions as us to make everything works ( except for the Freshy Market ) – the game will change what you don’t have, just don’t expect it to work like intended. Just like we didn’t wanted to use mod at first, it became obvious the only way to make custom community lots was with Jynx’ Rabbit Hole rugs. We thought EA’s big Hospital didn’t fit well into Lost Cove universe.

Each lot is built with a story in mind, mostly for the world we built, they are built to help the story we are creating and working within the universe we invented. Feel free to use them in the same conditions or not, feel free to use them as you wish, as long as you have fun !

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