Aftermath Containers ( 30-30 AC )

Living in ruins is so has been. And some people lost everything. Those containers were there, empty and well … good to fight against cold and stay dry from the rain. Containers aren’t real home but they are enough for a small family or “roommates”. Ok, truth to be told, it once was a prison-like when everyone went crazy and there were no rules. But here a large family can live decently at least !

  • Three containers on a 30×30 lot
  • Three beds + 3 sleeping bags
  • One toilet + one bathroom
  • One kitchen




Aftermath House ( 20-30 AC )

Well, yes, some don’t really mind to have an incomplete roof. So what ? Come and visit this nice little home with nothing more than roof, rumbles and some walls. There is even a space for your garden and to keep it safe from zombies. Isn’t it the sweetest thing ?

  • 20×30 lot
  • Almost not furnished

Perfect for a couple who would like a children later. Remember to hurry up the renovation !




Aftermath House ( 20-20 AC )

A two-story house that used to be … or soon to come. Safe to live and nice neighborhood.

  • 20×20 lot
  • Almost not furnished

A place to call home, if you feel like it.




Aftermath House ( 20-15 AC )

Real safe house missing some roof, but windows, fences and rumbles. It will let you grow seeds in a simple but protected backyard. There is a real bed for convenience and sleeping bag if you are not yet accustom to bed !

  • 20×15 lot
  • One bed + 2 sleeping bags

Single sims will love the space as small family will like to keep the heat in close circle.