The Flee Market ( Consignment store )

Simply gorgeous, the flee market was up and running quite fast when the reconstruction started. There is always someone who wants to exchange stuff ! Since there is not a lot of people on the island, it seemed fair to put most of the abandoned stuff at the flee market. Everyone in town can come and put stuff to sell, someone will always take a day off from construction or farming to take care of the flee market. Every one got involved in the construction of the flee market, some prefer to trade, others to sell. Come often and see if there is something different, most inventors like to trade their creations. Just like artists and writers. For all of them, it is their only way to get exposure.

Lot size : 30×30




The Band Wagon ( Restaurant )

The best cook of the place had to start a restaurant in a wagon, because really, when the train crashed, someone had to do something about it ! Moreover, some are not good with hammer and nails. The food is not expensive and it is always a nice place to meet someone. The Band Wagon was named in such because the cook wanted to be a musician … All musicians come and play, for the pleasure of the cook 🙂

Lot size : 25×25




Granny Ever Fast ( Seasonal )

The owner of the gaz station didn’t know what to do with it once the dust settle down. Since people came to him for food, he started a really small stale, changing his menu according to the seasons. Cleaned the place, put some food for the animals and a game to lighten up the place. And he keeps going on like this. Not everyone is fond of the new idea of going green.

It is not a festival ground, just a park where to get some local food 🙂
Lot size : 20×20




Freshy Market ( Indeed )

The supermarket sunk, with all the old downtown. A market sprung from the ground so everyone with extra tomatoes or enough apples for a year could exchange them. At first, inhabitants would make the exchange between neighbors but it became obvious that a central place was needed for herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Iconic, the market is down a huge windmill. Idea of the ecologist of Lost Cove, the market is small, just enough to not invade Nature. It was of importance.

The market is a sim 3 store feature : you’ll need All Fesco Market to make it work.
>Lot size : 15×10




Irma Eyes ( Cabin )

It is not that suddenly Lost Cove had a fortune teller or that everyone wanted to know their future, but suddenly, everyone knew where the cabin was, and that, was impressive. Not only did everyone discovered Irma Eyes’ fortune teller cabin, but they also discovered someone they didn’t met often. Plus, it is a nice park to have a good time.

Lot size : 30×30




Grab ( the Crab )

It is only on an island that you can find inland fishing spot. It is normal. Not everyone wants salt water fish … Grab the Crab is the most simple and calm fishing spot all around.

Did you know lake can freeze in winter ? It is such a nice place for ice skating, all romantic or family activity.

Based on JCIssette’s Sutter’s Pond
Lot size : 30×30




Casse de la Baie ( — )

The dumpster wasn’t as big at first. All habitants willingly gave what they had to the dumpster. Well, in all logic : inventors or crafty people can build things for them and others if they have enough material. Who needs scrap when you are trying to build a wooden house ? Someone else might need it …

The dumpster is simply this, a dumpster. No big mystery, no hidden secret.

Lot size : 30×20