Le Dispensaire ( Hospital )

The hospital is more of a small clinic. Held by a nurse, she gives all that she can to help Lost Cove. She used the old monastery and kept the Alchemy station but never touched it, than it became obvious she’d had to go back to old herbalists technics. Plants can help but surely nothing worked better than penicillin, she managed to get a chemical lab out of a kid’s chemical lab. Science is rational, science help to improve civilisation.

Not long before the Apocalypse, Lost Cove was shaken by a scandal at its hospital, secrets laboratories were heavily rumored and journalists had promise to deliver the truth. Secrets were about to come out on shady practices but maybe a cure for the deadly Purple Small Pox was found. Some doctors and nurses were unexpectedly fired and no one could talk for legal reasons. Was it the town making urban legends or was it something really scary ? No one knows and right now, everyone is quite happy to have a … nurse … and a clinic.

For the community lot you’ll need jynx rabbithole rug. Based on Jenexell’s Healing lot
Lot size : 20×20

downloadrabbithole rug




Le Coin du Professeur Snape ( Elixir Shop )

Cozy place, perfect for all herbalists and supernatural creatures, the elixir shop is an elixir shop … where you can buy remedy or the motivation to finish what you started. Not a supernatural hangout but you’ll still encounters extraordinary people. Since everyone is mostly in the same place, what once to be a “new age for hippies only” place is now the place to go for anything that can’t be solve with medicine.

Some say they have seen Professor Snape around but none really want that … imagine the man stuck on the island ! Or worst, taking care of the elixir shop and making comments on all potions that come by his place. Really, he could make the place only for those who had Optimal at their OWLS ( that wouldn’t left a lot of people isn’t ? )

More seriously, with the Apocalypse, no one really cared about others being different, every arms and good faith are good to take, might it come from a Vampire or a Witch. The elixir is the supernaturals supermarket 😉

Lot size : 30×30




The Lost Ranch ( beta )

Before, Lost Cove had a real posh place for equestrian needs. Rebuilding the impressive complex felt like an herculean task, but you know horses … you find them on an old ranch and they seems as happy as before, why would anyone build a complex for the fastest transport of the island ?

The old Brady, considered as the loony who fell once too often his old carne, took interest in what everyone else thought to be possible meat : a mean of transportation : the island might not look big, but the old Brady knows too well that people won’t get younger, they’ll be glad they have horses once they are tired of running all around !

For the community lot you’ll need Misty’s rabbithole rug. Just know that it is in beta stage, some functions might not work.
Lot size : 40×40

Update 04/06/15 – The rug is available on request at Misty’s place.





The School ( of Nature )

It is not a surprise that a hippie couple took charge of rebuilding a school. They strongly believe in the Future – whatever that might involve. They wanted to make it a tribune to Nature, so they combine stone and wood. Build on some ruins, add a story and worked with a tree, insisted for the classroom to be outside. They lost their kids in the Apocalypse, building the school helped them grieve. The place is a safe school for kids of Lost Cove, they also expand their creativity. The school is a great place for all who wants to learn.

Some members of the community don’t agree with the hippies’ teachings, that Nature is everything and that they must respect it, that Nature have it’s own will and for some reasons decided to punish all of us.

For the community lot you’ll need jynx rabbithole rug.
Lot size : 25×25

downloadrabbithole rug



Ancient Bath ( in Nature )

Singing in the rain is alright but washing in the ocean is something you do once in a while. What was an historical attraction of the oldest bath found on an island became … the actual public bath ! The perfect place to hang out when the weather is good – to cool off or to wash out. With the new world, the ancient bath isn’t close in winter anymore.

This is based on Demented Design’s Ancient Bath
Lot size : 30×20




The Graveyard ( Very Spooky )

All town, deserted or not, needs a spooky graveyard. Inhabitants didn’t really had time to mourn the lost ones, they never felt it was right to make a new graveyard. So the already spooky graveyard became even more spooky … Who knows what happens at night in this lonely graveyard where grass grew high than small bushes ? The graveyard will probably not receive more graves nor will a new one built. It feels natural to everyone to have the graveyard the way it is, a constant reminder of the past.

This is based on Sunset Died graveyard
Lot size : 63×32




The Bar ( of Vampires )

Clearly the only cool place around. Actually the first one build from the ground. It was important to everyone to have a place to vent out at the end of the day, to let the steam out. After all, surviving an apocalypse is not easy ! Funny enough, the bar is located in front of the Town Hall, where all decisions to build a new life were taken. The bar welcome all supernatural creatures and natural ones too. It also requires from everyone to wear something clean. The world is maybe ending, it is not a reason to not be on your best behavior !

Lot size : 20×15