The Red Path Project

So ! You wanna play with Lost Cove, here are some infos you’ll find handy.

We did not create buildings for some job/career as it didn’t fit in Lost Cove : Police Station, Military Base, Journalism, Business Office, Supermarket, Library, Bookstore, Laundry, Museum, Spa, Science Center, Theater and Stadium. But, Lost Cove is a world dedicated to gardening, fishing and collecting. You can be a writer or be a sellers at the market, you can take care of animals or be into supernatural with the Elixir shop. You can be an artist and paint all day. You can be a chemist or be a criminal. All depends on your expansions. Plus, we are planning new buildings 🙂

You can’t just go from nowhere to the Town Hall, the Sim will tell you it can’t. Which is not true ! You need to go on the lot first and then, head to the door. We tested it and it is working fine. The town hall is not on a community lot to make it that way, it had to be done in Create a World and without a lot. That means your Sim can’t go somewhere that isn’t a lot. Again, you can use the town hall and access opportunities over there without problem : you need to instruct your Sim where to go ( in front of the town hall ) and from there, you click on the building, your Sim will find its way to the door.

– Download the save file to get lots and 20 families placed all over the place. Fun right out of the box 🙂
– Downloading the world will give you a sandbox : except the town hall and the criminal hide out, there are no lots in Lost Cove.
– You can download 20 community and residential lots on our Sims 3 Buildings page 🙂

As we learned to use Create-A-World with CAW files released by others, it seems natural to release Lost Cove CAW files 🙂


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