Which program do you use to create ?


Yes, we are Mac user 🙂

The package is not working, why is that ?

It is certainly a conflict problem. We use new meshes so it’s probably something new installed at the same time that is conflicting. You can try a conflict detector software or do it the old way:

  • keep the file you want to work in your Mod folder, remove a bunch of lately installed packages and launch the game.
  • If the file is working, move back the files you removed and launch the game, one file at a time.

You’ll find the faulty one for sure. It can be a long process but it is a sure one!

I have problems with my game.

Aw 🙁 We are sorry to hear it. Have a look at Crinrict’s blog, you will certainly find helpful information over there.

Can I edit/distribute/recolour your stuff ? What is your policy/TOU?
  • All our Sims creations will remain forever free.
  • Our Sims stuff is under an International Creative Common: Creative Commons License
    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License..
  • Our Sims stuff must be always downloadable on free websites. So, we do not want to see our stuff on pay sites, including pay-clicks and so on! We find scandalous and potentially dangerous for computers to get unwanted multiple windows opening via pay-clicks such as ad-fly and so on. It is a perversion of the sharing spirit, here and anywhere on the web.
  • Donations are OK as far as it is not an obligation. People should ALWAYS be free to choose …
  • Do whatever you want with our meshes/objects. We don’t care. But always credit 😀