Did you know that creativity is not the only thing that keep us going ?
Coffee helps a bunch. We did a 24 hours of Custom Content once, we released stuff every hour for a complete turn of the clock. We had a blast 😀 And we drank a lot of coffee that day !

We always have fun creating and releasing. We like creating, we like to learn in the process and better ourselves. We like to release and we love that you love. Really. We create more than we play actually. We play : Hiro and Regulus are test-driving everything 😉

Tech-Hippie will always be free, even before its creation, Tech-Hippie was free in our mind. Maintaining this website is work and time, we don’t mind we so much into web stuff. We always wished to host our files. Sure, we are also on other website that also host files but in the end, it is on our server we keep our work, our screen captures, our stories. No ads, no censorship, no binding rules. It is our choice and we are accepting the responsabilities, no worry 🙂

Still, we are willing to accept a little bit of help 🙂 A buck or two is a coffee, a coffee is a bunch of hours of work.

Creating, building and a bit of philosophy ( only on friday )

Working on textures and patterns, is a real passion. Sharing them, a real pleasure. Imagining something new to play with, we all do it. Drawing, testing, inventing, playing and releasing is something we do with equal fun from start to finish.

We are fans of the Sims since the beginning and always aimed for a unique game. We like details, we like differences. If this is a simulation game, than let’s simulate the feeling of touch, the pleasure of the eye while playing, not just like in decoration magazines ! It’s so much more fun 😀

Tech-Hippie is this place where we create and release for the fun of it. Fun imagining, fun doing, fun playing.

Making objects is a new experiment … And here we try to play with ideas and details. Tech-Hippie • Cyborg Nest • Nature Way … What else ?