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7 Wood Floors – K Neo-Wood – volume 2

Classic, chic, aristocratic, over-the-top, arrows or inconjunction ? We don’t know, we like them ! They are wooden floors, toned colours. The Gothik’s are not the only one to have nice floors around here !

7 Wood Floors – Neo Tokyo – volume 1

Looking for a polish floor ? Not glaze, but polish. Wood that you wax every six months or so. Different colours for different wood such as tek or cherry wood.

7 Wood Walls – Beach Cirkus – volumes 1 & 2

Circus on the beach ? Beach at the circus ? Wondering why stripes are so attached to circus or beach. Is it to be seen from afar ? Is it why you’ll use such walls on your use ? Is it for a kids room ? So many questions …

7 Wood Walls – Skandinavia – volumes 1 & 2

Long story short : red paint because nobility couldn’t afford stone house like the royalty. So they painted red instead. But hey, tradition is important, so why not stick to it ? Or try to implement a new one ? Or just … fall in love with red house ?

K Ich Factory Beds – 7 Bedframes & 21 Beds – volumes 1, 2, 3

Dare to dream. Be that kid who’s whole world was made of a bed, pillows and sheets. Let your teddy bear become your second in command like in old times. Come on ! Embark on the ride of your life !

7 Counters – Spaak ( aka Breakfast at K Lounge ) – serie 2

Wood is not less professional than metal. Actually, we like a lot for outside kitchens – you should try it. It also suggest exotic surroundings, or travels at least. Well, it would be a strange object to bring back from a trip but … why not !

7 Wood Walls – Vertical Summer Colours – volume 2

The sand is still in my shoes and I enjoy every moment of this long and hot summer …

7 Wood Walls – Horizontal Summer Colours – volume 2

The vivid colours of exotic destinations, if colours could be sounds these would be laughter and if colours could be taste, these would be fruits full of water and sugar

7 Wood Floors – Authentic Factory – volume 2

As if centennial trees had been cut down only to be seen by generations of feet.

7 Wood Floors – Authentic Factory – volume 1

Something that will keep you warm in the winter to come.

7 Benches – Old Wood Serie – volume 1

Old is new. Old is fine. Old is souvenir. Those benches come from a time travel from … no they come from an inheritance.

2 Outdoor Planters – Atomik Garden – volume 1

Hiro, our green genius is really fond of them. Planters with a look of used planter, natural materials. It is not good to grow plants in plastic pot