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11 K Nautik (Jope) Console – set 1

A console or a sideboard is the perfect piece of furniture. It looks nice in itself but it also becomes the perfect surface for clutter … and everyone get clutters. Even minimalists. We have keys, we have photos, folders, mugs, plants, and so on and so on and so on …

7 Mineral Lime Walls – Vintage – set 5

Do you have Selvadorada ? Yes ? Perfect ! With this set you can make a good redecoration of the faraway village. Oh, you don’t have Selvadorada ? Who cares ? Now you can redecoration your place to a more cheerful look or pretend you are in a neighbouring town of Selvadorada ! Isn’t that sweet 😉

7 Tile Floors – Old Gray – set 1

Gray in black, gray in white. Gray in the past. Gray in the future. Gray is today. Gray is the middle ground of colours. Gray is the middle ground of time. Gray is the middle ground of perfect decoration.

7 Wood Floors – Neo ClassiK – set 1

Hardwood floors are called “floor of frank wood” in other languages …

7 Wood Floors – FaKtory – sets 1 & 2

Wood all over the place. Rough panels. Small panels. Dark or light. Colourful or simply brown.

7 Wood Walls – Skandinavia – volumes 1 & 2

Long story short : red paint because nobility couldn’t afford stone house like the royalty. So they painted red instead. But hey, tradition is important, so why not stick to it ? Or try to implement a new one ? Or just … fall in love with red house ?

7 Brick Walls – All White – volume 10

The first volume of white brick was such a success that a second one felt like an obligation. Now, who said asylum had to be antique ?

7 Tiled Floors – Classik Poetry – volume 4

Looking for something really exceptional ? Stop looking and get those unique tiled floor.