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7 Simple All Wood Tables – sets 1 & 2

A simple 4 or 6 places table, doesn’t take much space, nice little tables. Chic or familial style !

7 Counters – Spaak ( aka Breakfast at K Lounge ) – serie 2

Wood is not less professional than metal. Actually, we like a lot for outside kitchens – you should try it. It also suggest exotic surroundings, or travels at least. Well, it would be a strange object to bring back from a trip but … why not !

7 Counters – Spaak ( aka Breakfast at K Lounge ) – serie 1

Emboss, matt, stainless metals, different kinds all mixed together because textures are giving life to any full metallic kitchen. Seamless, so your desire for complete wall of counters or just a couple in the middle a room won’t look bonky.

7 Archi Tables – volume 1

There’s space, there’s wood ( easy to clean ) and it’s the easiest furniture to pack when moving

5 Dining Tables – Metal Serie – volume 1

Having a metal table doesn’t mean it can’t be paint, so how about those 5 dining tables with different colours combinations !

Counter x9 – Vault Module Island

We don’t speak here about quick and dirty recolours, but true surface recolours 😉