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11 K Nautik (Jope) Console – set 1

A console or a sideboard is the perfect piece of furniture. It looks nice in itself but it also becomes the perfect surface for clutter … and everyone get clutters. Even minimalists. We have keys, we have photos, folders, mugs, plants, and so on and so on and so on …

7 Tile Floors – Old Gray – set 1

Gray in black, gray in white. Gray in the past. Gray in the future. Gray is today. Gray is the middle ground of colours. Gray is the middle ground of time. Gray is the middle ground of perfect decoration.

7 Wood Floors – FaKtory – sets 1 & 2

Wood all over the place. Rough panels. Small panels. Dark or light. Colourful or simply brown.

Wood Door x21 – Build’n Doors – True Wood

Open or close, doors are opportunities.

7 Wood Walls – Skandinavia – volumes 1 & 2

Long story short : red paint because nobility couldn’t afford stone house like the royalty. So they painted red instead. But hey, tradition is important, so why not stick to it ? Or try to implement a new one ? Or just … fall in love with red house ?

7 Wood Walls – Vertical Summer Colours – volume 2

The sand is still in my shoes and I enjoy every moment of this long and hot summer …

7 Wood Walls – Horizontal Summer Colours – volume 2

The vivid colours of exotic destinations, if colours could be sounds these would be laughter and if colours could be taste, these would be fruits full of water and sugar

7 Wood Floors – Authentic Factory – volume 2

As if centennial trees had been cut down only to be seen by generations of feet.

7 Wood Floors – Authentic Factory – volume 1

Something that will keep you warm in the winter to come.

7 Wood Walls – Authentic Vertical – volume 1

Wood is raw, unworked, straight from the tree.

7 Wood Walls – Authentic Horizontal – volume 1

We already did wooden walls. But those ones ? They are even better, they have more wood, they are perfect for that look of wood cabin.

7 Sharp Wood Walls – What Else – volume 5 & 6

Life is a lost cabin in the forest !