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La Friperie K-asual – 7 Hogwy Tees

For the opening of La Friperie K-asual, have 7 t-shirts for summers while we make vests for spring. So, the official text is that it is for wizards but you know … if you gift it to your Muggle and No-Maj friend, we won’t say a word 😉

7 Wood Walls – Skandinavia – volumes 1 & 2

Long story short : red paint because nobility couldn’t afford stone house like the royalty. So they painted red instead. But hey, tradition is important, so why not stick to it ? Or try to implement a new one ? Or just … fall in love with red house ?

10 Chairs – Ekai serie In Red

Still, it lacks the discomfort of plastic.

7 Tiled Floors – Old Paris – volume 1

Have that « grown-up » look you’ve been looking everywhere.