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All U Need Is Green – 17 plants

Who wants to live in a forest ? Because we have a bunch of plants to do that.

K Square Plants – Agave + Fern x 3 sets

More plants ? Yes ! Ferns and Agaves are popular choices. Ferns are said to be easy of care, so are agaves : they are succulents after all !

K Elegant Plants – 4 plants x 3 sets

Ecologist ? Gardener ? Green thumb ? Greenhouse lurker ? Is green your favorite color ? Are you just looking for a living decoration ? Look no further, we got you covered with plants and pots …

New Blossom Vase – volume 1

Our green genius was horrified when he first saw that beautiful blossom. Now the blossom can … blossom in a nice vase.

Set #1 – Back to Pluton

To welcome back Pluton in the solar system, we made a set to accompanied our Pluto sofa with an armchair and decorations for a living room ( or any room, you know us, liberty, freedom, etc. )

2 Plants – TS3toTS4 – Greenies – volume 1 & 2

Planting them in the ground makes the whole thing easier but when you have them inside, than you have a bigger problem : in which pot will you put them ? And then, you never find the right one …

Atomik Plant Plum Fern Pots x14

The Plum Fern Plant is surely too one of the less ugly Maxis object of the Sims 4 …