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10 Paintings – classiKa – volume 5

Sure, impressionists are impressive and there is no way to say if one day we’ll be over the classiKa series, but we do know that this series is…

10 Paintings – classiKa – volume 4

You know, you can’t limit the genius to their most famous work … here, take a look at their other works.

Set #2 – Back to Hogwarts – 7 Paintings

Enchanted paintings are superb and you don’t need to be an artist or art-lover to appreciate any of the paintings from the Staircases.

7 Paintings – classiKa – volume 3

There is something about paintings that makes you wonder on meanings, colours, emotions, life. Plus, it is always good in a conversation.

7 Paintings – classiKa Magritte

Have some really thought-provoking paintings on your walls.

7 Paintings – classiKa – volume 2

Classical art is timeless

7 Paintings – classiKa – volume 1

Before pixels and internet, there were painters and paintings 😉

3 Paintings – ClassiK Free Art

Here is our hommage to Kasimir Malevich ( beginning of 20th century )

2 Paintings – Stack of Paintings

Under this complicated title are the recolours of a stack of paintings 😀