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7 Nihon Woody Lamps – set 1 to 3

We never told anyone but at the time of the 24 Hours of CC we did Nihon lamps … wanna see them ?

7 Wood Floors – Neo Tokyo – volume 1

Looking for a polish floor ? Not glaze, but polish. Wood that you wax every six months or so. Different colours for different wood such as tek or cherry wood.

7 Medium Stools – Zen Serie – volume 1

Look at this cute thing ! Individual bench, that’s what a stool is. A bench, for one person.

7 Benches – Zen Serie – volume 1

This is a simple bench in plain, hard wood in beautiful dark wood colours. This will look good even in the darkest corner of your place.

3 Rice Paper Walls – Nihon Serie – volume 1

Loving the simplicity of japan lifestyle ?

5 Muji Bedframes – Nihon Serie – volume 2

The bed is simple yet functional, under are four drawers to keep your magazines and socks out of the way along with your dinosaurs that you keep from your childhood

7 Shoji Sinks – Nihon Serie – volume 1

This sink raises so many questions and no answers can be given. It is just a sink, beautiful and perfect in itself.

7 Artworks – Nihon Serie – volume 1

Purely Japanese, more than inspirations, an invitation into a lifestyle to sooth your inner anger, despair or worries.

9 Bathtubs – Nihon Serie – volume 1

Don’t you miss the ol’ bucket your grandmother used when you were on vacation whole summer at the family farm ? Of course you miss it !

10 Beddings – Shoji Serie – volume 3

You’d like to travel ? You’d looooove to visit Japan ? You wonder what kind of cover you’d find on your bed if you were to sleep at someone’s house ?

7 Shoji Beds – Nihon Serie – volume 1

True and authentic tek, sheets and cover in traditional fabrics. We are really serious here. We searched.

3 Terrain Paints : Zen Garden – Nihon Serie

In our super energize sim world, build a temple of calm with those terrain paints. Zen gardens are meant to be seen from a single point of view : build it consequently 🙂