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7 Mineral Lime Walls – Vintage – set 5

Do you have Selvadorada ? Yes ? Perfect ! With this set you can make a good redecoration of the faraway village. Oh, you don’t have Selvadorada ? Who cares ? Now you can redecoration your place to a more cheerful look or pretend you are in a neighbouring town of Selvadorada ! Isn’t that sweet 😉

7 Mineral Lime Walls – Vintage – volume 4

Mineral lime just have this special feel of classy. Those walls are worn out but they still have that cool “négligé” look. You don’t want to touch them. You just want to live life under the shades of those walls. See what they saw. See what they’ll see.

7 Mineral Lime Walls – Spanish Harbour – volume 3

Here you go, your own hacienda’s walls covered with mineral lime.

7 Mineral Lime Walls – Various Colours – volume 2

Looking for muted colours instead ? Perfect !

7 Mineral Lime Walls – Mediterranea Colours – volume 1

Is the blue of Greece making you daydream ?