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7 Artworks – Ceramik Serie – volume 1

Since no Sim would accept such unconventional work in their kitchen or bathroom, we settled for canvas.

Set #2 – Back to Hogwarts – Wicked Things & Stuff

This is Regulus Black’s room. At least, one of his room. Sort of living room / study. Regulus agreed to change his settings to show you his collection of Wicked Things & Stuff.

New Blossom Vase – volume 1

Our green genius was horrified when he first saw that beautiful blossom. Now the blossom can … blossom in a nice vase.

7 Paintings – classiKa – volume 3

There is something about paintings that makes you wonder on meanings, colours, emotions, life. Plus, it is always good in a conversation.

7 Mugs Pantone – Clutter Sputnik – volume 1

That first coffee in the morning is special. There’s a relation between you and the coffee and it all deserve a nice container. Timelessly cool.

Set #1 – Back to Pluton

To welcome back Pluton in the solar system, we made a set to accompanied our Pluto sofa with an armchair and decorations for a living room ( or any room, you know us, liberty, freedom, etc. )

3 Posters – I want to Believe – volume 1

You might believe in aliens, having such a poster would be of help in your daily life for your belief. Or you might not believe in aliens and just like the look it !

10 Gas Pump – Grunge Stuff – volume 1 & 2

That’s totally in the recycle mindset so your safe, there is no gas inside anymore. But you know, it could prove to be handy if you wake up in an apocalypse one morning !

2 Plants – TS3toTS4 – Greenies – volume 1 & 2

Planting them in the ground makes the whole thing easier but when you have them inside, than you have a bigger problem : in which pot will you put them ? And then, you never find the right one …

2 Egyptian Sarcophagi – volume 1 & 2

They belong in a museum !

Atomik Plant Plum Fern Pots x14

The Plum Fern Plant is surely too one of the less ugly Maxis object of the Sims 4 …