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7 K Bedframes – New Kid in Town – sets 1 & 2

  Bed for kids ! While doing artworks, we thought doing beds would be a nice addition. It is hard to find a nice and functional bed for…

7 K Beddings – New Kid in Town – sets 1 to 4

A new bedding for single bed. This bedding has good-looking textures after an overhaul on the UV Map !

K Ich Factory Beds – 7 Bedframes & 21 Beds – volumes 1, 2, 3

Dare to dream. Be that kid who’s whole world was made of a bed, pillows and sheets. Let your teddy bear become your second in command like in old times. Come on ! Embark on the ride of your life !

Set #2 – Back to Hogwarts – 1 Expecto Bedframe

Well, maybe not the most comfortable around but since they were the beds we slept in for our important years of growing up, it felt normal to have a copy of it while moving into our years of adulthood.

Set #2 – Back to Hogwarts – 7 Scottish Beddings

The story says the two friends went to Madam Malkin’s and bought every tartan patterns they found, they wanted to make a statement : Hogwarts was once again home for hundreds of children.

Set #2 – Back to Hogwarts – 4 Houses Beddings

Well … yes, you might be married and it might be a problem. You might be in the muggle society and need some discretion. You might want to pass it on your own children, in case they are wizards/witches.

5 Muji Bedframes – Nihon Serie – volume 2

The bed is simple yet functional, under are four drawers to keep your magazines and socks out of the way along with your dinosaurs that you keep from your childhood

10 Beddings – Shoji Serie – volume 3

You’d like to travel ? You’d looooove to visit Japan ? You wonder what kind of cover you’d find on your bed if you were to sleep at someone’s house ?

7 Shoji Beds – Nihon Serie – volume 1

True and authentic tek, sheets and cover in traditional fabrics. We are really serious here. We searched.

7 Beddings – Ryu serie – volume 2

Contemporary japan themed, the stuff your teenage or young adult would find “soooooo cool” to have.

7 Beddings – Madura serie – volume 1

Nice, simple, calming patterns for bedroom meant to make any Sim go to sleep.

5 Bedframes – Doublepod – volume 1

You know what is fantastic ? Complete customization. You know … that old stuff we had in Sims 3 ?