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7 Mineral Lime Walls – Vintage – set 5

Do you have Selvadorada ? Yes ? Perfect ! With this set you can make a good redecoration of the faraway village. Oh, you don’t have Selvadorada ? Who cares ? Now you can redecoration your place to a more cheerful look or pretend you are in a neighbouring town of Selvadorada ! Isn’t that sweet 😉

Simblr Storm

A little blog the day our Simblr disapeared and re-appeared. Gosh were we depressed that day 🙁

7 Concrete and Cement Walls – Beton Arme – volumes 7 & 8

You like grunge but you want it neat. You like industrial but you like it clean. You like urban feel but not bricks ( so mainstream ) – how about clean, subtle and modern concrete and cement walls from light gray to darker shades of gray ?

7 Concrete and Cement Walls – Beton Permanent – volumes 5 & 6

Cement or concrete are not really the same but they are complementary and both give the exact look for urban or industrial lifestyle.

7 Concrete and Cement Walls – Beton Plus – volumes 3 & 4

Concrete isn’t enough for your industrial / modern / city need ?

7 Concrete and Cement Walls – Beton Brut – volumes 1 & 2

Tired of plastic-looking walls ?

7 Stone Walls – Stony Mix – volume 1

You like cement and concrete. You’ll love stones.

7 Stone Walls – Blackstone – volumes 1 & 2

Black is the … always-good-idea black.

7 Fabric Walls – Tissea aka Taped – volume 3

Fabric ? Straw ? Well … it’s sew on the wall. It is original, particular, it is special.

Pool Tiled Vintage Set – volumes 1 & 2

Did you know it’s the roman mosaic that is popular and not the greek one ? Quite logical. Now, it’s not really important in this matter as you are not building a mosaic to praise the gods but only to decorate your pool. Or your sauna. Or your hammam. Or your bathroom. Well, you get the point …

7 Wood Walls – Beach Cirkus – volumes 1 & 2

Circus on the beach ? Beach at the circus ? Wondering why stripes are so attached to circus or beach. Is it to be seen from afar ? Is it why you’ll use such walls on your use ? Is it for a kids room ? So many questions …

7 Mineral Lime Walls – Vintage – volume 4

Mineral lime just have this special feel of classy. Those walls are worn out but they still have that cool “négligé” look. You don’t want to touch them. You just want to live life under the shades of those walls. See what they saw. See what they’ll see.