Category: Outdoor

All U Need Is Green – 17 plants

Who wants to live in a forest ? Because we have a bunch of plants to do that.

Rock Texture Replacement – Oktober Update

A new update within our big 202 terrains replacement bundle ! One day we launched our game and suddenly, rocks had disappeared ! *gasp of horror* It seemed…

K Outdoor New Wood Hot Tubs – 2×7 Hot Tubs – sets 1 & 2

At the end of the day, Sims just wanna have fun. Jets of hot water are doing miracles on sore muscles.

5 Breezy Lanterns – Outdoor Party serie – volume 1

For some reasons, outside lamps are always too small or only fire. We don’t like that. We like original lamps to go outside.

7 Benches – Old Wood Serie – volume 1

Old is new. Old is fine. Old is souvenir. Those benches come from a time travel from … no they come from an inheritance.

2 Outdoor Planters – Atomik Garden – volume 1

Hiro, our green genius is really fond of them. Planters with a look of used planter, natural materials. It is not good to grow plants in plastic pot

7 Benches – Spa Serie – volume 1

Chairs are fine but … they are so …. normal ! Too much classic. Benches are the new hype.