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7 Tile Floors – Old Gray – set 1

Gray in black, gray in white. Gray in the past. Gray in the future. Gray is today. Gray is the middle ground of colours. Gray is the middle ground of time. Gray is the middle ground of perfect decoration.

7 Wood Floors – Neo ClassiK – set 1

Hardwood floors are called “floor of frank wood” in other languages …

7 Wood Floors – True Chevron – set 1

Rafters floors. Hallucinating floors ?

7 Wood Floors – FaKtory – sets 1 & 2

Wood all over the place. Rough panels. Small panels. Dark or light. Colourful or simply brown.

7 Wood Floors – K Neo-Wood – volume 2

Classic, chic, aristocratic, over-the-top, arrows or inconjunction ? We don’t know, we like them ! They are wooden floors, toned colours. The Gothik’s are not the only one to have nice floors around here !

7 Wood Floors – Neo Tokyo – volume 1

Looking for a polish floor ? Not glaze, but polish. Wood that you wax every six months or so. Different colours for different wood such as tek or cherry wood.

Pool Tiled Vintage Set – volumes 1 & 2

Did you know it’s the roman mosaic that is popular and not the greek one ? Quite logical. Now, it’s not really important in this matter as you are not building a mosaic to praise the gods but only to decorate your pool. Or your sauna. Or your hammam. Or your bathroom. Well, you get the point …

7 Tiled Floors – Aged Vintage – volume 5

Our Grandma’s kitchen. In different tones.

7 Wood Floors – Authentic Factory – volume 2

As if centennial trees had been cut down only to be seen by generations of feet.

7 Wood Floors – Authentic Factory – volume 1

Something that will keep you warm in the winter to come.

7 Pavement Floors – Old England – volume 3

We prefer to use them indoor. Otherwise, just use them as you like 🙂

7 Tiled Floors – Classik Poetry – volume 4

Looking for something really exceptional ? Stop looking and get those unique tiled floor.