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7 Wood Floors – K Neo-Wood – volume 2

Classic, chic, aristocratic, over-the-top, arrows or inconjunction ? We don’t know, we like them ! They are wooden floors, toned colours. The Gothik’s are not the only one to have nice floors around here !

7 Wood Floors – Neo Tokyo – volume 1

Looking for a polish floor ? Not glaze, but polish. Wood that you wax every six months or so. Different colours for different wood such as tek or cherry wood.

Pool Tiled Vintage Set – volumes 1 & 2

Did you know it’s the roman mosaic that is popular and not the greek one ? Quite logical. Now, it’s not really important in this matter as you are not building a mosaic to praise the gods but only to decorate your pool. Or your sauna. Or your hammam. Or your bathroom. Well, you get the point …

7 Tiled Floors – Aged Vintage – volume 5

Our Grandma’s kitchen. In different tones.

7 Wood Floors – Authentic Factory – volume 2

As if centennial trees had been cut down only to be seen by generations of feet.

7 Wood Floors – Authentic Factory – volume 1

Something that will keep you warm in the winter to come.

7 Pavement Floors – Old England – volume 3

We prefer to use them indoor. Otherwise, just use them as you like 🙂

7 Tiled Floors – Classik Poetry – volume 4

Looking for something really exceptional ? Stop looking and get those unique tiled floor.

7 Tiled Floors – Winter Garden – volume 3

What is more simple than tiled floors ? I mean, really tiled. The old-way tiled. 2 colored small squares into a bigger square. Repeat until you reach walls.

7 Wood Floors – NeoWood – volume 1

Different taints for different feels.

7 Tiled Floors – Royal Checker – volume 2

Have that look of old-coming-back-because-it’s-hype you’ve been looking everywhere 😀

7 Tiled Floors – Old Paris – volume 1

Have that « grown-up » look you’ve been looking everywhere.