Update 15th April 2017 Since we are now way over 202 files, we decided that it was time to clean this post. No worries 😀 Here is the base kit – everything you need to change all the ugly green, the plastic grey and have a better base game.
We moved the worlds ( Granite Files, Windenburg, Forgotten Hollow, etc. ) replacement files to their own post 🙂

Base Game replacement files

Remember when we said those terrain replacements were a work in progress? We did not lie, we kept learning about the files of the game and we are now proud to have reached a new level. Let’s introduce a new version of our terrain mod.

202 terrains replacement. It covers Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, Newcrest and Magnolia Promenade everything where your pixelated feet can go, the ground has been changed.

This kit is for the Base Game and all expansion/game pack. EA usually uses the same files for all their worlds and add others. So this kit will change some files in other worlds but not everything, you’ll need the worlds kit and vice-versa 🙂

Will it overkill your game?
Not at all. EA files for Worlds are 1024px, we used the same. We did not update the file size, we changed/modified the textures. This is why it is a replacement.

Ok. Still, doesn’t look quite the same outside your backyard than in the park next door.
We know. We are working on it. Maxis doesn’t manage the same file the same way everywhere. Here is our hypothesis: outside your playground, there’s a grid. The game is applying the file on a grid which seems to stretch the same file 8 times larger than on the playing field. We worked hard to level the differences between the limits of your place and the rest of the world so everything is harmonious and seamless as possible. Unless we get a World Builder or a confirmation of our hypothesis, this is the best we can do.

But, what if you don’t have some cities?
Well don’t worry, the game won’t load what it can’t use. It won’t crash your game, nothing will be missing. It will just work. Magic.
Everything works fine

Let’s move on.
What is this about?
This is a multipart set …

– 44 grass terrains replacement
They override the games’ ones. They replace everything base game. Is it green? Is it grass? BAM ! It’s k-hippied. No question asked.

We couldn’t do it with that vomito green since the beginning. Grass, the real one. One you wish Pets was released so your little pets could happily roll in it 😀
You can feel the grass under your pixelated feet, don’t you? You can smell the fresh perfume of summer.
Grass to take over Willow Creek!

– 73 sand and earth terrains replacement
All that is a bit sandy, a lot of sand or totally beach. We never thought there will be so much sands in that game when green is all over the place. With this replacement, we thought about the players who likes to play in Oasis Spring, or on the small island of Windenburg. You all deserve a real impression of sands, not just a vague beige colour.

– 45 rock textures replacement
Updated version of the previous one ( 12 files the first time ): have all your rocks be rocky. Those files will replace the rocks that are terrains, just not the rocks from the Build mode. That will come in time 😉

– 4 grass on rocks replacement
You’ll need these files to get your patch of grass on some rocks with the same look and feel.

– 12 streets replacement
If vomito-green was too much for us, can you imagine how it felt to have that street with some grass without our grass? Errr … it was terrifying but we found all of them. Good thing there was precursors! Evil laugh


Be the master of your terrains and lots!

Please note, we will update as we go for this set 🙂
Don’t hesitate to ask questions and remember, replacements won’t overload your game. We have tested all this for 3 weeks and we got no problem at all 🙂

Since you can’t have our files with another creator’s files replacement, here is a pro tip: put all the files in a folder inside your Mods folder. When you’ll wish to change, you’ll know where to look 😉

These files override the game files and work fine in game …

Tumblr user? You’ll find this post here
ModTheSims user? You’ll find this download here

Made with S4Studio and SimsPE.
Expansions: Base Game. Optional: Outdoor Retreat, Get to Work, Get Together, City Living, Vampires
Contains: 5 individual packages
Category: None
Price: 0§

Download 44 grass terrains replacement

Download 73 sand terrains replacement

Download 45 rock textures replacement – Updated October 10th 2016

Download 4 grass on rocks replacement – Updated May 5th, 2016

Download 12 streets replacement