Remember when we said that terrains replacement was a work in progress? We kept learning about the files of the game and we are now proud to have reached a new level. Let’s introduce a brand NEW version of our terrains replacement mod …

202 Terrains Replacement … A beloved challenge idea we had to update especially since the last Cats & Dogs Expansion ( November 2017 ) So, now, this thread will be only dedicated to the Base Game Terrain files ( this includes Willow Creek, Oasis Spring, and New Crest ). So, to avoid double files, we re-did the whole thing.

The expansion Worlds Terrain Files will be covered now in a brand new thread: 303 Terrains Replacement – ALL Worlds

As the Sims 4 game is growing bigger with expansions, we think it will be easier for us to split the subject of game terrains for future expansions and versions: one for the base game and another one for the worlds expansions.

Except for Seasons…
That was a tricky one.
To make it short: Eaxis made only 5 new terrains files for Seasons. A pale a green, a dark green, a brownish green, some flowers and some leaves.
If you don’t have Seasons: don’t download the Seasons file.
If you have Seasons: download Seasons file AND all Basegame files.

What’s up and new with this big update?

We reviewed all terrains files from the ground. We kept most of them, we updated some ( many ) and for all: we tried to modify as close as possible to the Maxis color palette files. Once this done with this update, we could consider doing more Terrains replacement in different deviations such as Autumn colours, Darker palette, etc … We shall cover the subject later.

Will it overkill your game ?

Not at all. Most EA files for Worlds are 1024px, we used the same and we changed/modified the textures. This is why it is a replacement ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ok. Still, doesn’t look quite the same outside your backyard than in the park next door.

We know. Maxis doesn’t manage terrain files the same way everywhere. Here is our hypothesis: outside your playground, there’s a grid. The game is applying the files on a grid which seem to stretch the same file perhaps 4/6/8 times larger than on the playfield. We work hard to level the differences between the limits of your lot and the rest of the world so everything is harmonious and seamless as possible. Unless we get a World Builder Tool or a confirmation of our hypothesis, this is the best we can do … Well maybe not the best of the best but this is a stable work still in progress ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s move on … What is this about ?
This is indeed a multipart set :

– Basegame Grass Terrains Replacement

They override some of the games files. They replace every terrain files based game. Is it green? Is it grass? BAM! It’s k-hippied. No question asked (xx)

We couldn’t do it with that vomito green since the beginning. Grass, the real one. One you wish Pets was released so your little pets could happily roll in it ๐Ÿ˜€
You can feel the grass under your pixelated feet, don’t you? You can smell the fresh perfume of summer or spring … Grass to take over everywhere!

– Basegame Sand and Earth Terrains Replacement

All that is a bit sandy, a lot of sand or totally beach. We never thought there will be so much sands in that game when green is all over the place. With this replacement with thoughts for the players who like to play in Oasis Spring, or on the small island of Windenburg. You all deserve a real impression of sands, not just a vague beige colour.

– Basegame Rock Terrains Replacement

These files will change the look of all rocks that are terrains but not the one in Build mode. We will do them too on a later date ( but soon ) They will give a better look at all that is rock or cliff. The textures might be a bit stretch, we respected EA files of 1024×1024 but we are not quite pleased with the result. As always, it’s a work in progress …

– Basegame Urban Terrains Replacement

If vomito-green was too much for us, can you imagine how it felt to have those streets with some grass without our grass? Errr … it was terrifying but we found all of them. Good thing there were precursors! *Evil laugh* …

– Seasons Replacement

Flowers for Spring, dying grass and leaves for Autumn, snow for Winter and nothing for Summer. Still, as plastic as before. As cartoon as ever. Obviously, we had to k-hippied the seasons. Except for Winter. Winter is fine.
Who wouldn’t have thought? EAxis changed their method and instead of making as many files as needed for all worlds or to ship them all in the base game, they added 5 files and played with transparency. Also, they decided that duplicates would be a problem. Why?!
We tried to keep it as simple and as separate as possible.
Do you have Seasons? Download all files for Basegame and that single file for Seasons. We highly recommand to add the 44 Floorpaints Replacement to your game.

– ABOUT 44 Floorpaints Replacement

Maxis use a bit everywhere in constructions. So, to avoid double files, we re-did the whole thing.
Check The 44 EA Floorpaints Replacement post for the floorpaints EA use to paint the worlds. Recommended for all players, highly recommanded for Seasons players.

Be the master of your terrains and lots !

Please note, we will update as we go for this set ๐Ÿ™‚
Donโ€™t hesitate to ask questions and remember, replacements won’t overload your game. We have tested all this for weeks and we got no problem at all ๐Ÿ™‚

Since you can’t have our files with another creator’s files replacement, here is a pro tip: put all the files in a folder inside your Mods folder. When you’ll wish to change, you’ll know where to look ๐Ÿ˜‰

These files override the game files and work fine in game โ€ฆ

Tumblr user? Youโ€™ll find this post here
ModTheSims user? You’ll find this download here

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