The best artists make masterpieces easy to do. We can’t tell you it was easy to trim down that gigantic oak tree two days ago but it is surely a pleasure to look at now. You wouldn’t guess this set comes from an oak tree. In anyway, the textile was carefully pick for this hippie look ( nothing to do with our name … nothing ! ) Rest assure it doesn’t come from our great aunt’s attic, smell that brand new perfume ! Told you it wasn’t old …
The armchair and the stool are both affordable and comfortable. Comfort 3 for the armchair and Comfort 1 for the Cozy Stool. They are matched with the same colours : 7 variation of the flower patterns.

In this set you’ll find :

  • 1 armchair with 7 recolours
  • 1 stool with 7 recolours

Update Note : What change is the bottom front of the armchair. The texture was mirrored by the uv map and it caused the texture to have a repetition right in the middle. We didn’t like that. Now it is corrected. See the before/after to get a visual understanding 😉

Before the update

Before the update


After the update

These objects don’t override anything, work fine in game, the armchair, the plant and the stool are by me 🙂

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Made with Sims4Studio
Date of Release : September 6th 2015
Date of Update : February 6th 2018
Size : 2,7mb
Expansions : Base Game
Category : Buy > Comfort > Living Chairs / Dining Chairs
Price : 350§ – 200§

Download Stool pkg

Download Armchair pkg – updated