This is Regulus Black’s room. At least, one of his room. Sort of living room / study. Regulus agreed to change his settings to show you his collection of Wicked Things & Stuff.

You will notice the bookcase and the armored knight. The bookcase is a replica of Professor Snape’s bookcase : jars and books included. As a wizard, Regulus has to have such a bookcase. It is a sign of his wizarding skill to visitors. Along with the piles of books. Regulus loves potions, he studied under Snape tutoring and was not allowed to make a potion until hours of researched in dusty books. The habit stayed.

The armor is a souvenir from his last trip to Avalon … some pal gave it to him and Regulus kept it : it is a nice decoration.

The lamps on the floor are well-known Hagrid’s lanterns in various colours. Hagrid can’t be wrong to have only use such lanterns when going into the Forbidden Forest even if he was forbidden to make magic. Hagrid never got lost and was a simple man : why use magic when you can have a sturdy lantern ?

Last but not least : Regulus has a copy of the Marauder’s Map. Is Regulus managing mischief more often than one ? We can’t tell you that but we can tell you that someone found a way to make copies. Looking to keep an eye on Hogwarts while away or just being a over-protecting parent ?

This set contains :

  • 1 Bookcase – fully functional
  • 1 Armored Knight
  • 1 Hagrid’s Lantern ( 5 recolours )
  • 1 Marauder’s Map
  • 2 piles of books

The library, the armor and the piles of books don’t override anything, work fine in game, and are conversions from Sims Medieval to Sims 3 by cocomama at MoreAwesomeThanYou, converted and reworked to Sims 4 by us 🙂
The lantern and the Marauder’s map don’t override anything, work fine in game, and are complete new meshes 🙂

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Made with Sims4Studio
Date of Release : August 28th 2015
Date of Update : February 22nd 2018
Size : 3,4mb
Expansions : Base Game – Except Hagrid’s Lantern which needs Perfect Patio Stuff
Contains : 6 individual packages

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