For some of us, art isn’t about oil paints, it is more modern … and acrylic 😉 Here, have 5 modern square paintings with modern art on it of digital … like a crown and squares inside another square to vaguely evoke love or luxury. Well, you get it. Modern stuff. Modern Art ! And like everyone knows, modern is about vintage too. They all have vintage feel as famous Lenin, which is dead, consequently vintage for some and subversive for the others 😀 Make your choice !

This object doesn’t override anything, works fine in game, and is based on a Mango mesh : Courcelles Painting you can find here : Set Courcelles

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Made with Sims4Studio
Date of Release : April 22nd 2015
Size : 3,8mb
Expansions : Base Game
Contains : 1 combined package
Category : Buy > Decorations > Paintings
Price : 500§

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