11 consoles to decorate your house. Nautical theme, rustic theme, modern theme or even hipster theme. Light brown, washed out colours, white, patterns, green, gray, natural brown, dark wood. Really, there is a console for everyone in this set. They are elegant, classy, discrete yet not invisible, we dare say timeless.


Based on a TS3 mesh by Jope from Simply Styling. Converted by us.

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[ *This object is a new mesh, it won’t override anything, and works fine in game ]

* I deconstructed the mesh to clean it for the Sims 4, to win few polygons ( 100 ) and reconstructed it with a new uv map …


Made with S4Studio and SimsPE.
Date of release: March 24th, 2018
Expansions: Base Game
Contains: 1 individual package
Size: 5,1mb
Category: Decoration > Surfaces > Miscellaneous
Poly: 670
Price: 250§


Download 14 in 1 package