We always say that old items of furniture stand time better than moderns ones. While it is true, it is also common to make an adjustment to old furniture. Not every piece is well preserved. These desks are straight from the 50’s, they needed a little fix on the tabletop. We changed it for nice and diverse wood patterns with a nice patina. Each piece is a unique combination of gray or green metal and dark or light wood. Some are simple wood blades, others are from army crates.

No need to tell you it would be perfect for a detective, a cop or any Sim looking for Justice or for Truth. Could also be perfect as an heirloom.


[ This object is a new mesh, it won’t override anything, works fine in game  ]

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Made with S4Studio and SimsPE.
Date of release: March 24th, 2018
Expansions: Get to Work
Contains: 1 individual package
Size: 6,6mb
Category: Decoration > Surfaces > Desks
Poly: 582
Price: 500§


Download 7 in 1 package – set 1

Download 7 in 1 package – set 2