Abstract art isn’t present enough in the Sims 4. Here is our hommage to Kasimir Malevich ( beginning of 20th century )
3 individual paintings that you can combine in beautiful triptych or diptych. Paintings have a canvas texture and tapestry nails on the sides. Now, that’s what we call real objects 🙂 The canvas texture might look heavy, it is a choice we made so it can be seen from afar. At least you don’t need to zoom in to see every details.

The object is available as a career reward. To get it without the career ( and all other rewards ), you’ll need a mod. We suggest BuildBuyMod Unlocker by scripthoge. Simply put the zip in your Mods folder and you are good to go !

This object doesn’t override anything, works fine in game, and is a pure clone of a Maxis object …

ModTheSims user ? You’ll find this download here

Made with Sims4Studio
Date of Release : December 19th 2014
Size : 385 kb
Expansions : Base Game
Contains : 1 combine package
Category : Buy > Decorations > Paintings
Price : 800§

Download 3 in 1 pkg