The following files were previously in the 202 Terrains Replacement thread. We moved them into their own thread ( here 🙂 ) and added the missing ones ( Forgotten Hollow + Brindleton Bay ). All future addition to the game of new cities from Expansion Pack and Game Pack will be uploaded here.

Click here for the Base Game Terrains Replacement

What’s up and new with this big update ?

We reviewed all terrains files from the ground. We kept most of them, we updated some ( many ) and for all : we tried to modify as close as possible to the Maxis color palette files. Once this done with this update, we could consider doing more Terrains replacement in different deviations such as Autumn colours, Darker palette, etc … We shall cover the subject later 😉

So you have the 202 replacement files kit and you want all the other cities to have the same look. Sounds normal to us. Here you can choose which town gets a greener look but know this: if for any reason, you’d like only one city to have the EA look, it might not happen. Which is why we need to make a separate pack for each city, EA will use the base game for some lots and will add new ones or change the resolutions … It’s all or nothing 🙂


– Granite Falls Terrains Replacement ( Outdoor Retreat )
This one is obvious. All your camping grounds are now really good looking, no more hangover of the ground. Sing Kumbaya with marshmallows under the stars around a campfire, get a feel of Mother Nature’s refined textured grounds 😉

– Get To Work Terrains Replacement ( Get To Work )
Even if Magnolia Promenade is heavily done with Basegame Terrains Replacement, some are needed.

– Get Together Terrains Replacement ( Get Together )
All of nature replacement for Get Together are in here 🙂

– Windenburg terrains replacement ( Get Together )
Our sims went to Windenburg and brought with them the secrets of nice textures. They applied their knowledge and are now living on the island to chase the aquatic monster. This is specifically to cover all of Windenburg’s need, there is a lot of files just for this place, it needed its own package.

– Forgotten Hollow Terrains Replacement ( Vampires )
We have a fond spot for this city. Foggy and tiny. It was in dire need of new textures not only for grass but for streets and that strange mix of rock and grass. You’ll see a nicer blend. And something more old-looking;

– Brindleton Bay Nature / Urban Terrains Replacement ( Cats & Dogs )
Your pixelated feet have grass. Now pixelated paws can benefit from it too 😀 Brindleton Bay Nature Terrains Replacement will take care of grass, rock, sand and earth paths. Urban Terrains Replacement will take care of streets and sidewalks.

– Selvadorada Nature Terrains Replacement ( Jungle Adventure )
Don’t fear to trip on those roots anymore ! Don’t mistake them for green pipelines anymore ! Roots, where they belong, rooted in the grounds. Stepping stones, now worn out by time and heavy mountains worn out by waterfalls. Don’t be blinded by the sun on the grass like it was sun on the snow anymore, see the grass in the lush jungle. Since Nature is so vivid in Selvadorada, at least you can see it from now on 😉




These files override the game files and work fine in game …

Made with S4Studio and SimsPE.
Expansions: Base Game. Optional: Outdoor Retreat, Get to Work, Get Together, City Living, Vampires
Category: None
Price: 0§


Download Granite Falls terrains replacement

Download Get to Work terrains replacement

Download Get Together Nature terrains replacement

Download Windenburg terrains replacement

Download Forgotten Hollow terrains replacement

Download Brindleton Bay Nature terrains replacement

Download Brindleton Bay Urban terrains replacement

Download Selvadorada Nature terrains replacement