There is never enough plants for us in Sims. Most of our Sims are gardeners.
We love the diversity of plants, leaves and pots. We are not much into flowers but plants. All the greens, all the leaves !

We like to decorate with plants all over the place. We like the diversity of nature, we like to instill life into our games. Plants are perfect. Less trouble than kids. We know, we tried 😉

Consequently, we made a bunch of them and recolored a bunch of other.
Cactus, ferns, laurier, plants we don’t know the name. As always, we worked on texture, for leaf, bark and terracotta pot. We added branches and leaves. Because healthy plants have more leaves you can count. Obviously !
Since we need more plants for more diversity, we made 5 recolours per plant.
That is nearly 85 variations.

We took a good deal of plants from EA, other creators, our own and made 2 sets.

  • Set 1 is compose of 10 plants made by us. Some are based on Maxis’ work, some of us.
  • Set 2 is compose of 7 plants based on creators mesh. They are not just recolours. They are updated, retextured, reworked, etc.

We thank Mango, Mustke, Sim_man123 and Anoeskab. Some of these plants are recolours, re-works of their meshes. Some plants needed water, others needed new pots and to be anchor into this reality as they were flickering – probably moving from one reality to another. They also come from different time : Sims 2, Sims 3 and Sims 4.

These objects don’t override anything, work fine in game, and are pure clones …

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Made with Sims4Studio & S4PE
Date of Release : January 25th 2017
Size :  average 2,5 mb
Poly : average 1644
Expansions : Base Game
Contains : Individual package
Category : Buy > Decorations > Plants
Price : 50§


Download 10 plants – Set 1

Download 7 plants – Set 2