Bed for kids ! While doing artworks, we thought doing beds would be a nice addition. It is hard to find a nice and functional bed for our little ones. They often have one of the other. Absolutely stunning bed filling all the room. Or just a plain bed without imagination.

A nice little bedframe with 3 ( decorative ) drawers. Fully compatible with separate mattress. We have 4 sets of mattress if you want 😉

2 x 7 different bedframes.
The first set consists of plain colours.
The second set includes black bedframe with colored drawers.

Important technical note : The mesh has a brand new UV Map. We used the same technique as for the double bed. This is of high importance because the UV Map spreads entirely on the mesh. Previous single bed only used half UV Map ( approx. 512 ) We updated it to complete 1024 x 1024.

In clear, the texture is better distributed on the mesh.  Which means the texture is better looking !

It has a striking resemblance to a bed from Kids Stuff Pack by EA. We did not like the bedhead. It was way too tall !

Consequently, this is a new mesh base game compatible based on the single bedframe by annachibi.


Fully kid-tested

This object doesn’t override anything, works fine in game, and is a brand new mesh 🙂

Credit to annachibi for single mod pod and k-hippie

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Made with Sims4Studio and S4PE
Date of Release : July 29th 2016
Date of Update : February 6th 2018
Size : 2,5mb per set
Expansions : Base Game
Contains : 2 combined package
Category : Buy > Comfort > Beds
Price : 450§


Download 14 in 2 packages