It’s summer time, the weather is good, lemonades flow and the must-have of this year is a hot tub.

Do you have one ? You’ve been looking for one but for “some reasons” they did not meet your requirements ? Understandable. Our hot tubs are a mix of granite and wood. It has more than the look of it.

These hot tubs are fined textured : we worked a lot on the textures. High-definition, clean and fined grain. Can’t deny the hot tubs look much better now, really nice to look at. Which explain the size. We worked on a 2048×1024 file : twice the game’s one.

The jets are smaller in proportion to the tub. They were way too big ! Less huge, more balance, more realistic.

They are of course, fully functional.


This object doesn’t override anything, works fine in game, and is a Maxis recolour 🙂

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Made with Sims4Studio and S4PE
Date of Release : July 23rd 2016
Size : 19,4mb per set
Expansions : Perfect Patio Stuff
Contains : 2×1 combined package
Category : Buy > Plumbing > Tubs
Price : 2000§


Download 14 in 2 packages