Cover of comics are fascinating. Tintin goes back to 1929. Why would someone want the cover of a strange looking journalist wandering around the world ? That just might be the reason. Because Tintin went everywhere, investigated all sort of stories and plots. Had strange friends and an adorable little dog.

Tintin is for a lot of comic book lover a childhood memory. The drawings are clean, decisive and fine. What is important is not a graphic style but a story. Tintin is a strong representation for a lot of children who often don’t grow out of their fondness for the young man years later. It is quite common to see such artwork in someone place : office or living room. The serie keeps to be known as of the best : mixing humour and investigation, friendship and moral values with a good balance.

Drawing, comic book. Does it sound ridiculous to hang such art ? Not at all. Tintin is far from such representations. Tintin have this feel of serious and mystery that can’t be deny. Big or small, it does cost a fortune to hang on a wall 😉 Give it a try, it is the missing touch you were looking for.

This object doesn’t override anything, works fine in game, and is a brand new mesh 🙂

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Made with Sims4Studio and S4PE
Date of Release : July 17th 2016
Size : 5,2mb
Expansions : Base Game
Contains : 1 combined package
Category : Buy > Decorations > Paintings
Price : 400§

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