The last time we post about texture replacements, we added a lot of files including rocks – and we were quite proud of it. Today, we bring the complete textures replacement for rocks. In all worlds. All over the place. Real, solid and rocky rocks. Sharp looking, dangerously solid.

Cliffs are now looking like cliffs and not Playmobil invasion. Beaches are even more natural. Make your place a real place. Enjoy walking around, exploring your neighborhood, playing outside. Get out of your perfect sim house ! Have an excuse to tell your sim kid to leave the computer ! Have your teenage sim hang outside until the middle of the night !

Look at the photos, make your opinion and download 😀

Important and Technical note :  As always, this is work-in-progress. The Grass on Rocks texture is now complete ! Willow Creek’s rocks blends perfectly. This part of the game was already complete. It feels better now with this new file. There are 4 of them, 2 are with grass and 2 are without grass. We suppose it is for Granite Falls too.

These files will change the look of all rocks that are terrains but not the one in Build mode. We will do them too on a later date ( but soon 😉 )

We are looking into making the textures better applied. For the moment, they are not small at all. Most are 1024×1024 and rocks don’t work the same way as the other textures, which explain why it looks differently from cliffs to smaller rocks. The next step is to make bigger texture files than EA so it is less stretch. Stay tuned 🙂

If you had the previous files, delete and replace with the new files !


Download on the 202 Terrains Replacement page 🙂