45 Rock Textures Replacement + 4 Grass on Rocks Textures Replacement

The rocky rock to Oasis Spring is now hard on your soft feet. We kept our word, we found all the rocks and here is a set of rock replacement for all neighborhoods … Winterburg with an immersive look of european city with those new textures.


7 Polaroids – K Clutter Sputnik – set 1

Polaroids are instantaneous photos. There was 10 or so photos per “roll” and it was awesome. They are hype again. The less pleasant side of polaroids is that you can’t simply store them away. But it is not a problem for messy people, or photographers, or professional decorator : having some clutter is hype.


7 Chairs – K Holy Chairs – volumes 1&2

In honor of HolySimoly’s chairs, we named them the K Holy Chairs. They exist since Sims 3 and we worked a bit on the conversion and made more styles. We like them that much !


7 Toasters – K Clutter Sputnik – set 1

Retro toaster for modern or in-theme kitchen. Seven colours, seven possibilities. A goodies or a thoughtful decoration. As long as it pleases you.


7 Wood Floors – K Neo-Wood – volume 2

Classic, chic, aristocratic, over-the-top, arrows or inconjunction ? We don’t know, we like them ! They are wooden floors, toned colours. The Gothik’s are not the only one to have nice floors around here !


7 Concrete and Cement Walls – Beton Arme – volumes 7 & 8

You like grunge but you want it neat. You like industrial but you like it clean. You like urban feel but not bricks ( so mainstream ) – how about clean, subtle and modern concrete and cement walls from light gray to darker shades of gray ?


7 Concrete and Cement Walls – Beton Permanent – volumes 5 & 6

Cement or concrete are not really the same but they are complementary and both give the exact look for urban or industrial lifestyle.


7 Concrete and Cement Walls – Beton Plus – volumes 3 & 4

Concrete isn’t enough for your industrial / modern / city need ?


7 Concrete and Cement Walls – Beton Brut – volumes 1 & 2

Tired of plastic-looking walls ?