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Tech-Hippie involved in the Sims 4 and the Sims 3

Releasing creations in a small circle of friends, Tech-Hippie didn't think their philosophy could make a difference.
With the arriving of the new installment, Tech-Hippies makes their debut.

It's all about Sims

Pixelated world or not, everything revolves around the living space.
It isn't the creation, it's the philosophy.

The Sims 3

The Sims 3 : New Lots Indeed !
( The Red Path Project )

The Red Path Project was created aside from Lost Cove but clearly to be in such a world. It is more than just abandoned warehouse or recondition consignment store. The idea behind such a project is to imagine community lots with more nature than objects, to play with texture by combining and try a bit of architecture.

Mostly community lots, mainly to answer a demand for unfinished yet simple lot. Always with space to expand and improve the lot for anyone feeling like it. Unique and different from the usual abandon or post-apocalypse lots, the Red Path is original.

Open to contributions, The Red Path Project is turn toward nature, thus Sims can find animals, insects or plants on each lot. If wild animals is part of your world, they can easily find shelter.

Evil Building
Elixir Shop
Nature School
Flee Market
Seasonal Place

The Sims 3 is a Theater, chose a Stage

Building a world is not that hard but it is much harder to build around an idea ... :D

Lost Cove : A post-apo World
( 30 years later )

Once the world was fine and pushing technological boundaries was a daily challenge, to make the world, «a better place». Just like predicated in every sci-fi books or movies, Sims went too far … Was it an experiment that turned bad or the sum of too much pollution ? Could have been a pandemic or pure bad luck ? No one really knows ...

Nevertheless, technology failed, weather stormed, earthquakes rambled and flooding changed everything. Including your Sims life and lifestyle. 30 years after the Apocalypse, Nature took its right back. And Sims had to adapt to survive. But now, they want to rebuild !

Lost Cove is a small archipelago, already a community before the apocalypse. A lot of friends perished when the Apocalypse occurred. The majority of the inhabitants flew to their family, inlands. Some wished to stay, seemed impossible for them to leave the islands and tried to save what was left in Lost Cove. They were lucky enough indeed. So, they decided to build a new community, with new rules.

Rebuilding the community was hard and it was decided that if one wanted something, one had to do it by itself. Thus, the school isn't a classic one and indeed all buildings go the same ... but hey, the community is glad to have started something. Buildings such as houses are still today in a kind of half-finished condition. Until now ... The main island is the biggest one, all around, no one had time to build. And it remains only one road from the ancient times.

Lost Cove is a quite dangerous world. Lost Cove is not all flowers and so on. Dangerous places, lost islands and even maybe forgotten lots are awaiting on this small place of the Sim Globe. Winter can be very rude and all the Sims around have already felt the loneliness of a long long winter ... Inhabitants aren't all into the whole community trip, some would like to get back to "modern life". What will the future generations choose ?

Embark in a new world full of possibilities and mostly fun. Make the world you'd like to live in if you had the chance ! Download and try something new :)

Responsive Website

This website is fully responsive. You can navigate in all screens format, including smartphones :)


We did something cool, not without help

Aside from linking to all our favorites on the link page, we would like to thank the whole simming community. You guys tested the game in all possible ways, making it possible to make idea come true. This is the best. Of course, thanks to all message board to be open, even in read-only mode, for the knowledge can be reach even at 4 in the morning and making remember a login/password unnecessary :) Thank you, simming community for making challenges and thank you to all simmers to making blogs and simblr about it, it inspired us to build our own. Thanks to all creators for their imagination and all world builders for providing CAW files, it helps a lot to learn, understand and try by itself.

Special thanks goes to ...

  • Rflong : for making worlds and willing accept to help us with it. We never thought you'd accept :)
  • Around the Sims : you create objects with fantastical ideas. You were wondering and just going to your site was the happiest moment. Some ideas came thru because of you.
  • SimCookie : Sunset Died was a huge inspiration at first, we took our way but our Town Hall is a dedication to yours ;)
  • Mystie's : Without your work on new rabbitholes and the archives you made for Jynx's work, some lots wouldn't be possible.


To build the whole thing, we used :
Expansions : World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Supernatural, Seasons and University.

We also use some store content and since we also have all the towns, some objects might come from there and we can't really pinpoint which one, here is the list.
Store Content : Al Fresco Market, Dragon Valley, Aurora Skies, Hidden Springs, Lucky Palms, Lunar Lakes, Midnight Hollow, Monte Vista, Sunlit Tides and Riverview.

Having fun is a process

Imagining something new to play with, we all do it. Drawing, testing, inventing,
playing and releasing is something we do with equal fun from start to finish.